Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force

Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force

Brisbane, Queensland

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GLITF is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping Lesbian and Gay Australians bring their same sex partner to Australia with Permanent Residency Status. GLITF is made up of Australians and their partners, some of whom have successfully been through the Immigration process and some who are currently negotiating the bureaucracy.

What We Do

GLITF is about you and your lover!

We all know that love has no limits. We spend our whole lives as living proof of this in a heterosexual world! Not only is love not limited by gender, love is not limited by culture or international borders.

So the question should be asked, what will you do if you fall in love with someone from another country?

GLITF provides free immigration advice to Gay and Lesbian couples from a registered Migration Agent.
Membership for singles is $100 per year, $150 for couples.
Download the membership form ... here!

GLITF provides support to couples while they go through the process of obtaining Permanent Residency for their non-Australian partner.

GLITF helps plan appeals if an application is denied. We have up-to-date knowledge of the latest changes to immigration law and regulations.

GLITF, through an Australia wide network, lobbies the State and Federal Governments to stop the erosion of our immigration rights.

Yes, you can secure a solicitor to act for you, but often you can deal with the application yourself – if you have quality guidance from GLITF.

Many solicitors are inexperienced with immigration or cannot keep up with the rapidly changing Laws and Regulations. This has often resulted in applications being rejected.

With GLITF, you will save thousands of dollars and get it right the first time.

We have monthly meetings at the Sportsman Hotel, 130 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill, every 2nd Thursday of the month starting at 7.30pm.

Or arrive a little earlier and have dinner with us.

Remember! GLITF's sole business is Same Sex Immigration.

We make it our business to stay abreast of all changes to Law and Regulations. We have a network of motivated people throughout Australia to assist you.

As GLITF is a non-profit organisation and not funded by government, we rely entirely on membership fees to enable us to continue giving quality advice to our community.

Become a member and avail yourself of our free, quality immigration advice or become a supporter of the group.

Brief History of GLITF
GLITF was formed 1982, in Sydney, as the result of an Australian returning from Japan and wanting to bring his Japanese partner. At that stage the Interdependency Visa class did not exist. Betty Hounslow of the Redfern Legal Centre helped the couple with an appeal to the Minister who eventually approved a temporary visa.

In May 1991 the Labor Government introduced the Interdependency Visa. Australia is now one of the few countries to recognise same sex relationships in terms of immigration.

GLITF groups were formed over a period of time in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. The Brisbane, Queensland group was offically formed in November 1995, with the help of Peter De Wall and Ken Clarke of the Sydney branch. GLITF Qld became an Incorporated Organisation in February 1996. From this time we have trained and gained accreditation for our migration agent and have fostered a strong working relationship with the Immigration Deprartment (DIMA).

Joining GLITF Qld (Inc.)
Becoming a member of GLITF Qld is easy! Just download the form, fill in your information and print the form. Post it to the address on the form with a cheque (Australia only) or money order to the total value of the options selected.

NOTE: The Guide for Applicants is only available to members of GLITF.

Once you become a member you will be able to obtain FREE advice on your immigration application from a Registered Migration Agent. Why pay thousands of dollars to a solictor that may not have up-to-date information about Gay Immigration?