Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force

Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force

Brisbane, Queensland

GLITF Qld – We guide you along the way!

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Meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm

We start at 6pm with dinner and Trevor will be present for questions and advice.

Sportsman Hotel
130 Leichhardt Street
Spring Hill. Brisbane.

Come to the meetings for information and advice you need in relation to your own situation.

The Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force (GLITF) is a non-profit organisation that provides information and assistance to Australian citizens who wish to bring their same sex partner to Australia as a permanent resident.

GLITF Queensland is a voluntary organisation. We receive no financial aid from Government and depend entirely on subscriptions, sales of our Guide book ('The GLITF Guide to Applying for Interdependency Migration') and donations for funding.

Our Migration Advisers give their services to members absolutely free.

Membership for singles is $100, $150 for couples. Download the membership form.

We cannot, therefore, offer an around-the-clock service such as you might obtain from a lawyer or a Migration Agent acting for a fee, but we will help you to help yourself. Remember! GLITF's sole business is Same Sex Immigration.

Members of GLITF committee

Migration Consultant
Trevor W. Robinson OAM
MARA #9683596

Migration Agents Code of Conduct

Migration Advice Profession

GLITF's process is very much a 'Do-It-Yourself' procedure – we provide information, assistance, and ultimately moral support, to members for them to write their own migration application.

This process is significantly different from you paying a migration adviser to prepare your application. Our process means that you will have to do more work both in understanding the actual requirements and gathering the necessary documentation required.

However, that translates to a substantial amount of dollars saved in fees to the migration adviser.

The GLITF Guide to Applying for Interdependency Migration is a very useful guide to assist you in designing a framework for your actual application process. You will find concise explanations and suggestions of the type of documentary evidence required by the authorities.

Remember that under the same sex migration process, a couple must show that they are in a interdependent relationship (financially, emotionally and socially) for the last 12 months. As such, there is a whole host of evidence that can be used to demonstrate this relationship.

Please read the GLITF guide book and the Partner Migration booklet (507kb).

NOTE: If you are a MEMBER of GLITF Queensland living overseas, or living far from Brisbane and it is impossible for you to attend our meetings, you may contact GLITF if you are seeking particular advice. Your enquiry will be forwarded to one of our Migration Advisers for consideration and reply.

DISCLAIMER: GLITF Qld (Inc.) makes every effort to ensure the information contained within this site is accurate in every detail. However, because Immigration Regulations and procedures change from time to time, some information contained herein may become out of date.

You should check with GLITF or a registered Migration agent before acting on this information. We cannot assume responsibility for errors on this site or their consequences.